The philosophy of the Association and its members is concerning the satisfaction of the needs which led to its foundation, such as:

  • The need of the sector's businessmen to come closer and the development of a climate of good chemistry, trust and reliability amongst them
  • The clients' training and understanding of the meaning of the "proper" label and package
  • The knowledge of the Market, the identity of the sector and the offering services and products
  • The improvement of the sector's image and the communication with similar sectors, such as graphic designers, advertising companies, package devices suppliers etc.
  • Promotion of a powerful and healthy image of our sector to the suppliers. Especially, those from the international Market, who are reasonably cautious about the cooperation with Greek businesses, after the financial crisis and the way it has been recorded on the international Mass Media
  • Giving information to the sector's businessmen and executives on subjects about organization, financial policy, employment issues and international developments on their sector
  • The existence of a powerful representation of the sector on current legislative issues
  • Establishment of rules and ethics principles, as possible, in order to improve the sector's function and to set a healthy environment for the competition amongst the businesses
  • Giving information to the businesses in order to protect themselves from the Market disfuntion
  • The establishment of standards and proper practices on our companies
  • The pursuit of the enlargement of the Market, with the penetration into international markets and the creation of competitive services and products